October 2, 2013

Coto Makassar

1 kg beef for stew (cut into cubes)
1 liter rice water
1 liter fresh water
1/3 cup roasted peanut, grind until powdered
salt pepper sugar

(10 garlic, 8 candlenuts, 1 tbsp corriander, 1 tsp anise seed)
--> make smooth paste of these 4 spices
5 lemongrasses
5 bay leaves
2 inches gingerroot
1 inches galangal

fried shallots, roasted peanut, green onion leaf, sweet soy sauce, limes, oat crackers (emping)

With a little bit oil, fry all spices until fragrant.
In a big pot, combine beef, rice water, water, and fried spices.
Simmer until beef tender.
Add roasted peanut at the very end.
Serve with rice and toppings

Perfect recipe for a crockpot!